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Sample Law Review Submission Cover Letters

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Cover Letter Sample For Article Submission To Journal

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So you found your conclusion to a dissertation, you should have a good letter. The trick layout divides the quality into separate ideas by different elements:. A good cover letter can help to “sell” your manuscript to the journal editor. As well as introducing your work to the editor you can also take this opportunity to explain why the manuscript will be of interest to a journal's readers, something which is always as the forefront editors’ mind.

The American Journal of Ophthalmology (AJO) is a peer-reviewed, scientific publication that welcomes the submission of original, previously unpublished manuscripts directed to ophthalmologists and visual science specialists.

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The manuscripts describe clinical investigations, clinical observations, and clinically relevant laboratory investigations. By accepting this manuscript for review, [publisher name] accepts these terms and agrees that the terms in this letter are paramount and supersede any provisions in any publication agreement for this article, already signed or to be signed at a later date, that may conflict.

Sample Coverletter.

Academic Journal Cover Letter

Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics My University Name of Journal Street Address City, State zipcode. Dear Dr. Etor: Please find enclosed a manuscript entitled: "Title" which I am submitting for exclusive consideration of publication as an article in Name of Journal.

Journal Article Cover Letter Elsevier Authors Must Prepare And Submit With Their Manuscript A. Elsevier Journal Template Cover Letter. Cover Letter Latex Template Application Letter Latex Template Cover Awesome Formal Document Resume Free Of Elsevier Cover Letter Latex Template.

Elsevier’s elsarticle document class and templates can be used by academics to write and submit journal articles to all Elsevier journals.

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There are presently over 2, journals published by Elsevier with overarticles published per year.

Journal article cover letter elsevier
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