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Provide a conclusion by line inferential spelt of poem 3. The first time I heard Maya Angelou’s voice, I couldn’t imagine her ever being silent. Her sound was on purpose. A cocoa rich, earthy, deep Southern guttural sound, molasses thick and sassy. “Grandmother’s Victory” by Maya Angelou Content story does not just have to do with bad-mannered children and racism.

It talks about how a child had to watch her Grandmother take mockery and images that were disgusting from someone who is much younger than her and ill-mannered brats.

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The title Finishing School by Maya Angelou, has a different meaning, I would say the title is ironic. Angelou’s main character Margaret went through her own “Finishing School” that happened to be inside a white woman’s kitchen.

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Essays and criticism on Maya Angelou, including the works Still rising, Sass and anger, Pride in ancestors, Guilt and responsibility, New dreams -. Maya Angelou creates a realistic sense of imagery by utilizing thorough descriptions of the setting, however imagery is also apparent when viewed through the text of Maya Angelou.

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