Gender gap in college attendance essay

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The Gender Gap: Boys Lagging

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Gender Gap In Higher Education

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This trend in the United States has brought about a reversal of the gender gap difference in the college completion which was once dominated by boys. In the ’s, over 65% of. Federal data show that female students became the majority in and for the past decade have accounted for about 57 percent of enrollment at degree-granting institutions.

This gender gap holds true for many kinds of students at many kinds of schools, from part-timers in community college to full-timers in private, nonprofit colleges. The highpoint of gender imbalance in college attendance was reached inafter the return of men from World War II then eligible for educational subsidies through the GI bills, when undergraduate men outnumbered women to 1.

Researchers say that dealing with the facts presented above would help tremendously in closing the gender gap and promoting equal college attendance amongst all young people, regardless of gender. Browse Successful Application Files.

We will write a custom essay sample on Race and Gender specifically for you for only $ $/page. Class Attendance and Participation (20% of overall grade) Defining the Concepts of Class, Race, Gender ; The Race and Gender Wealth Gap, Karuna Jaggar ;.

College and the New Class Divide. This has produced what Draut called in an earlier essay “The Growing College Gap,” in Inequality Matters: ), that college has been overemphasized and offers a false solution, so we should pare back college attendance.

Draut herself was a working-class beneficiary of higher education: the.

Gender gap in college attendance essay
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Why Are More Women Than Men Going to College?