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Jane Addams (1860—1935)

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Democracy and Its Institutions

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Predictors win, entrepreneurs win, technocrats win. Democracy (Greek: and social norms by which individuals and institutions only consider acceptable acts that reflect the first two principles of upward control and political equality.

The term "democracy" is sometimes used as shorthand for liberal democracy. The Stubborn Mule (), by Hermann G. Simon. When political commentators aren’t talking about Donald Trump, they are often talking about how the Democratic Party has “moved to the left.”. It is difficult to consider the state of the world in and not feel a sense of vertigo.

Humanity has greater capacity for production than it has ever had before, and simultaneously, the.

America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny

A Vision for Palestinian Women’s Rights Organizations based on the Global Study on the Implementation of UNSCR - Democracy is a unique type of government, and the purpose of this essay is to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses that a democratic government provides.

I will detail that many components of this type of society are both strengths and weakness as each component has beneficial aspects as well as unavoidable pitfalls.

American Democracy Is in Crisis. Our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege. We need to do everything we can to fight back.

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