3 letters of urbana and felisa

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Lambert's in Skokie parish school had thanks map - St. The narrative is presented through letters written between two sisters, Urbana and Feliza. The letters go through all the stages of one’s life on earth – from birth, childhood, adulthood, old age and death. In the preface, De Castro emphasizes the link between one’s love of God to that of his love of his neighbor.

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Sep 03,  · Its author used the epistolary style wherein a series of thirty-four letters, Urbana, who left for Manila Urbana at Felisa should be perceived as a. In Urbana at Felisa a whole range of experiences and activities of a family was explored and delineated even as prescriptions were laid down in the series of letters between Urbana and Felisa.

in the minds of the indio and the more. 1. Urbana and Felisa By: Modesto De Castro Reporter: Stephen Rey C. Estilo Abegaile Hidalgo Jeptha Arzaga 2. • Urbana – The eldest of the sisters; studied in Manila. • Felisa – Younger sister of Urbana; the one who takes care of the house.

• Honesto – Youngest of the three. Characters 3.

3 letters of urbana and felisa
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Literature of the Philippines: Urbana at Felisa